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Jan. 15, 2015 - Application for Zoning Change - 3100 East Colfax Avenue (Annie's):

Current Proposals:

Jan. 15, 2015 - Application for Zoning Change - 2822 E. 17th Avenue:

  • Request from to operate a Nonresidential use in an existing business structure

January 2015 Rec Center Update

New Site Drawing

UPDATE of the City Park Rec Center from SCPNA's reps, Trent Thompson and Monica Rosenbluth:

The stakeholder meeting last week focused on the current design plans and noted budget constraints.  They believe that the Rec Center is are currently $3-4 million over budget.  The current design for the recreation center uses roughly one-third the footprint as was originally planned, but entails more stories (3-4 stories).  The center will include an eight lane pool (possibly 10 lanes if additional funding is found) that will be around eight feet underground on one side and basically ground level or slightly below ground level on the other side (the property has a slope).  On  the second floor will be a fitness center, other rooms, and a basketball court.  And there are current plans for a rooftop facility.  They currently do not have funding for a walk/running track that would encircle the fitness center and some other items that were requested in the polls.  They do not plan on building a turf field.   There will be a separate building adjacent to the rec center for retail and it will be on Colfax.  There will be green space for outdoor activities and possibly a dog park.   They are also seriously considering selling part of the property to developers (most likely for housing). They are considering selling roughly 70 feet by 180 feet that would run along 16th street, and they would require underground parking for tenants.   They really wanted stakeholder views on the issue of selling part of the property to developers.  Trent noted that for the last few years, expectations and all public meetings centered around using the entire footprint for the rec center and that Parks and Rec would need to undergo a major public outreach campaign to discuss this issue.  Monica also noted that the sale of the property would be an issue for neighbors.  Parks and Rec noted that the sale of the property would go directly back into the rec center and only the rec center.  Regardless, Trent and Monica's view is that unless they get clear public support for this, they shouldn't do it.  Monica also asked if affordable housing was an option and Parks and Rec said everything is an option.  It is an opinion that any developer that will have to abide with underground parking may not want to build for affordable housing.