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Ad Hoc Committees

Zoning/Liquor License Committee:  The Zoning Committee that formed in 2014 is expanding to include liquor/cabaret licenses.  The Committee will be responsible for looking into all rezoning requests and making a recommendation to SCPNA for a vote.  To date there are three potential requests for rezoning (Fillmore, 17th Ave., and Detroit).  The Committee (and/or subcommittees) will also be responsible for making recommendations to SCPNA regarding liquor/cabaret license requests.  Those license requests are getting more frequent (we had 8 in 2014).  This Committee is extremely important to the future of South City Park.  This will be a potentially busy committee so many people are needed for this group. This group and its subcommittees will choose their own chair.  If anyone has an interest in either or both topics, please volunteer at    

By-Laws Committee:  The President has appointed Doña Dobson and Terry Neyland as co-chairs of this Committee.  Our by-laws have not been updated in a while.  This Committee will make recommendations to SCPNA for a vote later in the year.  SCPNA needs just a few volunteers for this committee but if your passion is by-laws, please volunteer at